Beauty Boost | Hair, Skin + Nail Vitamins

Hair, Skin & Nail Vitamin pack

When it comes to maintaining health and beauty, I’m a major fanatic. As an Korean female in my early 30’s, I’ve been finding the need to discover supplements and methods of maintaining my changing body. I love the saying “women get better with age, just like fine wine.” Not only do I love wine, but I support people who maintain themselves and those who can appreciate and embrace the natural beauty of aging. However, I do believe in keeping myself healthy but having a consistent workout routine, enjoying (not depriving) good food and wine, as well as supplementing my beauty care routine with good products.

Hair, Skin + Nail Vitamins
Hair, Skin + Nail Vitamins

I tend to have natural frizzy hair. Yes, it give me pain to keep my lion mane tame. Straight perms, hair serums, blow drying, hair straightening…the list goes on. With a help of a co-worker, I researched and found a Hair, Skin and Nail Vitamin kit from GNC. The package also came with Collagen and Primrose vitamins, which provide nutrition for a healthy beauty regimen.

I’ve been trying these vitamins for about a week now and surprisingly, I’m noticing good results on my hair. I still have my mane but my hair feels softer and silkier than before! Rather than applying hair products, perhaps maintaining a healthy beauty comes from within. My goal is to continue to take these vitamins and I will update the progress for those interested. 🙂

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