O Jang Dong | Korean Comfort Food

It’s been hell of a scorching hot week. The 90 degrees of So. Cal weather is hot, but thankfully not humid. On a sweltering weather like this, spicy Korean comfort food with a cold beer tickles my taste buds.

As one of many Korean restaurants in Koreatown, LA, O Jang Dong is known for their Korean buckwheat noodles (aka naeng myun) in chilled beef broth. But to satisfy my craving, we ordered spicy stir-fried squid and vegetables in chili sauce and an order of Bindae Duk, which is a Korean pancake with ground mung beans and vegetables. These dishes are few of many comfort foods that are traditional to many occasions.

With an icy cold Korean beer, Hite (aka Korean water :)) it was a good blend of spice and ice to ease into the rest of the night.

O Jang Dong | Stir Fried Squid (Ojinguh Chul Pan)
O Jang Dong | Korean Mung Bean Pancake (Bindaedduk)

Food : I’ve had better but pretty good.

Service : Good

Ambiance : Fair  – Casual and nothing fancy. TVs to keep you entertained.

O Jang Dong, 4031 W. 3rd St., Koreatown; 213-365-0097

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