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Dogs of Downtown, LA

Working in the city of concrete jungle, sometimes we fail to enjoy the life around us. Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of downtown dog walkers strolling in the busy streets of LA and it’s actually quite energizing to get a daily dose of canine cuteness in the heat of screen gluttony.  Just a quick interaction with these dogs brings a perk to any busy day.

Canine Cuteness | Doberman Mix
Downtown Dogs

Try not to dive your nose so deeply into the computer screen. Rather, take a breather, walk around and get inspired by what’s around you.

Hello Chihuahuas
Golden Retriever

Meet Hodori | Seoul Olympic 1988 Mascot Memory Lane

Hodori | Seoul Olympics 1988 Mascot

I found an awesome t-shirt at Gap that reminds me of my childhood, the time when our family immigrated to the United States from Korea. It was soon after this momentous Olympic event that our family made an arduous move to America. This mascot truly takes me down that memory lane and I was so excited to see this shirt at the Gap store window in Old Town Pasadena. The only thing is this specific shirt was only available for Gap Kids. But got one for our nephew — something to hand down from generation from generation. For those who share the memory of the Seoul 1988 Olympics, what was your favorite memory?

Go get this shirt from Baby Gap. They should make one for adults too!

Hodori | Seoul Olympics 1988 Mascot