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Simple Pureed Baby’s First Foods | Zucchini

As a first time mom, it’s exciting to start my experience with baby’s first solids. I started to introduce my baby’s first food at 5 months and he’s been enjoying a variety of vegetables and fruits for a month so far. The basic guidelines suggest to introduce a new food every 3 or 4 days rather than mixing solids, to make sure the baby does not have an allergic reaction. When he/she does, it’s easy to determine which food has caused the allergic reaction.

From the list of safe first foods, the traditional recommendations suggest to start off with rice cereal. Basically a very watery teaspoon of fine grain rice cereal with breastmilk. My son didn’t like it much because of its grainy texture so I didn’t stick with it for long. I was more excited to introduce new exciting flavor profiles and he’s been loving his veggies and fruits. He’s tried avocados, bananas, green beans, sweet potatoes, pears and butternut squash.

For this post, I pureed zucchinis which are mildly sweet. I love the purity and simplicity of these first foods. And when you puree them, I love the beautiful variety of colors in the ice cube trays.



1. Clean and cut off the stems from the zucchinis

2. Cut the zucchini into chunks

3. Boil the zucchini for about 5mins or until tender

4. Transfer to a blender and puree it until smooth texture

5. Let the puree cool before introducing it to your baby

6. Freeze the rest in ice cube trays. I usually give my son 2 cubes per serving.

7. Enjoy the messy fun and have your napkins ready!

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