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Mademoiselle Noir | Femme Fatale Inspired

Inspired by my favorite color, Black. There’s something classy, sexy and dangerous when it comes to all things Noir.

Han Hyo Joo
Han Hyo Joo

Chanel Le Vernis Black Satin Nail Polish

Noir Eye
Veronica Lake | Blue Dahlia
Kim Nam Joo

Beauty Boost | Hair, Skin + Nail Vitamins

Hair, Skin & Nail Vitamin pack

When it comes to maintaining health and beauty, I’m a major fanatic. As an Korean female in my early 30’s, I’ve been finding the need to discover supplements and methods of maintaining my changing body. I love the saying “women get better with age, just like fine wine.” Not only do I love wine, but I support people who maintain themselves and those who can appreciate and embrace the natural beauty of aging. However, I do believe in keeping myself healthy but having a consistent workout routine, enjoying (not depriving) good food and wine, as well as supplementing my beauty care routine with good products.

Hair, Skin + Nail Vitamins
Hair, Skin + Nail Vitamins

I tend to have natural frizzy hair. Yes, it give me pain to keep my lion mane tame. Straight perms, hair serums, blow drying, hair straightening…the list goes on. With a help of a co-worker, I researched and found a Hair, Skin and Nail Vitamin kit from GNC. The package also came with Collagen and Primrose vitamins, which provide nutrition for a healthy beauty regimen.

I’ve been trying these vitamins for about a week now and surprisingly, I’m noticing good results on my hair. I still have my mane but my hair feels softer and silkier than before! Rather than applying hair products, perhaps maintaining a healthy beauty comes from within. My goal is to continue to take these vitamins and I will update the progress for those interested. 🙂