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Jjam Ppong Nara | Late Night Korean Chinese Venture

After getting a very worthwhile Thai Massage at Serene, we needed to fill our tummies with something fulfilling…Perhaps, a guilty pleasure meal that will satisfy the palate but haunt the conscious of those calorie counters.

We tried Jjam Ppong Nara (짬뽕나라), a Korean Chinese noodle specialty house. For those new to Korean Chinese cuisine, Jammppong (짬뽕) is a spicy noodle soup flavored with chili, vegetables, seafood and meat. The best part was being able to eat half Jjamppong noodles and half Tang Su Yuk, which is sweet and sour pork. Altho this dish can be made from pork or beef, I prefer pork to suit my taste. I enjoyed the portions — right amount of the noodles and soup to pair with the sweet and sourness of the deep fried pork.

Although I felt guilty for this late night venture, I really enjoyed it.

Go check out Jjamppong Nara if you’re near  7th & Vermont in Koreatown, LA.

Korean Chinese Noodles
Jjamppong Nara | Half Jjamppong + half Tangsooyuk